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Welcome avid and future sports fans! Looking to raise your game, or simply learn what all the talk is about? Why people lose their minds and voices, and what “house divided” really means? Don’t sit on the sidelines this season. Whether an ESPN junkie or wanting to play by new rules, She’s A Gamer is a select community that connects sports fans with the ultimate game plan that empowers busy gals through simple guides, All Star contributors, social events and much more. This isn’t about women. It’s for women who want to elevate or kickoff their passion for a sport, team or player with fellow buffs who share the same enthusiasm.

So, increase your knowledge, confidence and connections, as a fan or soon to be one. Surprise others and even yourself with little known facts that will tee-up any banter with friends, partners, kids and even colleagues.

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Let Your School Spirit Shine


Growing up in rural Oregon, I was a tomboy, and loved sports of all kinds. Yet, as I grew older and throughout my professional career, there were more male than female friends with whom I could celebrate and commiserate about my Ducks. I was always the exception to keeping up in a conversation about sports dominated by men. She’s A Gamer is providing a special network of women, who follow sports (whether as experts or beginners), with which I can also connect during those winning and losing seasons! Go DUCKS!