Your Guide To March Madness Part 3

Your Guide To March Madness Part 3

Tip #5: Be The Assist Leader During March Madness

Look around, sports fans. A “not so surprising” one in three fans is a woman with game. Show ’em what you got with these team assists.

  1. Five Cinderellas are still alive going into today’s second round of tip offs: Xavier , Rhode Island, USC, Middle Tennessee State and Wichita State.
  2. If you’re the boss at work, odds are high that your employees are contributing to the estimated $1.9 BILLION in corporate losses during three weeks of March Madness.
  3. Ever wonder who first coined “March Madness”? Sportscaster Brent Musburger in 1982.
  4. 1939 Marked the inaugural championship tournament comprised of just eight teams. The victor? The Oregon “Webfoots” (now Ducks) defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes.
  5. It’s lonely at the top. Think being a No. 1 seed offers an advantage to the championship? Only once in 2008 did all four No. 1 seeds advance to the Final Four: UCLA, Kansas, North Carolina and Memphis.

Tip #6: Test Your March Madness Smarts

Think you have what it takes to get to the Final Four of simple facts relating to the heightening Madness of March? Before the Sweet 16 games tip tomorrow, test your knowledge on these catchable passes:

1.Where do the majority of casual and avid fans watch the tournament?

a) Their local bar or restaurant b) Their home c) Their office computer

2.What age group most commonly fills out tournament brackets?

a) 25-34 b) 35-44 c) 45-54

3.What is the primary reason that fans at any level complete tournament brackets?

a) To win money b) Social camaraderie c) Prove their knowledge

4.With whom do most people compete in tournament brackets?

a) The public b) Co-workers c) Family and friends

5.What’s the highest level of education held by the majority of fans who complete tournament brackets?

a) High school b) Some college/no degree c) Bachelor’s degree

6.Of the estimated $9.2 billion wagered on this year’s tournament, how much is actually legal betting?

a) $1.33 Billion b) $528 million c) $262 million

Answers to these questions will be posted on the Facebook page of She’s A Gamer this Friday, March 24.

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