Women Are Listening

Women Are Listening

But Who’s Speaking to Them about Raising Their Games ?
The launch of the Coachella Valley’s only sports talk show for women [She’s A Gamer] has been met with positive feedback and a few raised eyebrows. Yet, what appears so natural to me still challenges the minds of too many. Aren’t women responsible for 80% of all sports apparel dollars, while accounting for 44% of NFL television viewers? Yes, there is an increasing number of on air ladies on sidelines and baselines year-round, but they’re predominantly addressing a male audience or women at the upper level of sports knowledge. Professional and amateur sports have become so pervasive throughout the country that football coaches are now being paid $100 million to entertain us.

The question is, who is filling the gaping void in helping women raise their games, and enter the sports market sans the condescension and stereotype so often associated with male dominated professions?

I for one am thrilled to have the role of educator and entertainer to smart and savvy women looking for a supportive community in which to learn about sports. From a first down to a touchdown, PAT or YAC, learning doesn’t have to be lonely and difficult.

The sooner that corporate America, including ESPN, considers the significant influence that women have on keeping the nation’s economy strong, all the better for female executives, multitasking mothers, sports widows and many others. So don’t talk at us. Talk to us to help raise ladies’ games, their confidence, their knowledge and their loyalty in a multibillion dollar industry.

Cristina Walters is the Founder of She’s A Gamer, whose goal is to edu-tain women at all levels of sports knowledge. She also hosts She’s A Gamer each Wednesday at 10 am PT on Money Radio 1200 in the Coachella Valley. Forward-thinking companies can contact Cristina at cmw@shesagamer.com for sponsorship benefits or join her team by visiting ShesAGamer.com.

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